Boulevard of the Allies Bridge Project (SR885)
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The Boulevard of the Allies Mainline and South Ramp bridges will be completely demolished and reconfigured with a new Mainline Bridge and an exit ramp to Forbes Avenue prior to the new mainline bridge. Vehicles using the exit ramp will no longer have to stop before merging onto Forbes Avenue. The exit ramp lane will flow onto Forbes Avenue via a lane dedicated to merging ramp traffic. This lane will eliminate the dangerous conditions caused by the site obstructions and traffic merging onto Forbes Avenue from a stop.

Roadways on the bridge and along the entire project will have wider lanes and more safety features than the existing bridges and roadways. A wider median on the Mainline Bridge and median barrier which extends west towards downtown Pittsburgh will transition to a narrower median on the east side of the bridge. This transition will calm traffic as drivers enter the more residential area on the eastern side of the Boulevard of the Allies Bridge.

Construction of a new North Ramp from Fifth Avenue directly to the Boulevard of the Allies will eliminate the counterflow lane on Forbes Avenue.

With the elimination of the counterflow lane, the three existing narrow lanes entering Oakland will widen to fit the existing width of Forbes Avenue.

The intersection of Robinson Street, Fifth Avenue, and Maurice Street, will be reconfigured at the request of the City of Pittsburgh, using traffic islands and improved signage. The new configuration will direct traffic flow around and to the new North Ramp.

Drainage and sewer improvements will be made along the length of the project. Storm water drainage will be separated from the existing combined sewer system as required by Federal Regulations.

The traffic signal at Craft Avenue and the Boulevard of the Allies will be replaced and upgraded. The traffic signal at Craft Avenue and Forbes Avenue will require timing modifications and improved signage.




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